What’s the deal with liberals finding joy in the death of a God-fearing Christian?  Click on this link.  The writer references a story I wrote last week about the death of my friend, Pete Coulson.  Pete mentioned being vaccinated in Christ and, like people of strong faith, didn’t fear death.  At no point did I mention if Pete had been vaccinated against COVID.  The subject hadn’t come up in quite some time.  Our conversations were often about cultural changes and not much about medical maladies.

I believe liberals aren’t very tightly wrapped but I don’t spend my time fantasizing about the terrible ways they could die.

What I find strange is the news media types and the angry bloggers all filled in a blank and assumed Pete skipped the China Virus vaccine.

When I was a junior in high school I attended a press day at a local university.  I remember it well because we met Jimmy Breslin.  The working journalists we rubbed elbows with that day in 1979 all warned budding reporters about making assumptions.  Now they’re all fellow travelers and constructing narratives.

This weekend I received a voice mail on my office phone.  The caller’s voice was trembling and he told me my mother should’ve had an abortion.  Then he said he hoped I would get cancer and die.  State Representative Dorothy Moon said the following day she had a similar message.

I’m a conservative and have a strong fear of the Lord.   I believe liberals aren’t very tightly wrapped but I don’t spend my time fantasizing about the terrible ways they could die.  Can you imagine what’s in store if the woke mob starts and wins a civil war?

A lot of normal-looking people went to work in Hitler’s killing factories.  A lot of normal-looking people then took joy in sadism and death.  Not much has changed these last 80 years.

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