For those who have been in Twin Falls and the Magic Valley for a long time probably don't remember a time these eateries weren't around. Fredericksons' Fine Candies it seems to have been here as long as the town has.

The first time I ever came to Twin Falls, my boyfriend brought me to Frederickson's Fine Candies because he said it was a place that gave him fond childhood memories. Before I moved here it was also the must stop place before I left.

It is located at 309 Hansen St in Downtown Twin Falls. This amazing shop was originally opened in 1938. I am not sure there is anyone who remembers a time when this sweet shop wasn't around. They offer chocolates and lots of other homemade sweet treats.

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Another sweet shop in Twin Falls that has been around a long time and people may not remember a time without is is Daisy's Olde Time Confections. I swear stepping into this sweet shop is like stepping into the past. The owners are some sweet people as well. There is old time sodas and you can get lunch there as well. They have been open over 25 years. Sure, not 1938 but it is still a long time running so you know it is good.

I love how much history there is behind so many of Twin Falls locally owned and operated businesses. Go in and have a chat with people from either location and you will not be disappointed at the history you hear.

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