Current weather patterns are showing that a series of cold fronts traveling southeast from Canada into the western United States are expected to result in heavy snow accumulations throughout the state of Idaho for the next 72 hours. The bulk of the accumulations are predicted to hit elevations above 7,000 feet the hardest.

According to January 6 data from our friends at, who accurately predicted we'd have a white Christmas a week prior to the holiday, current tracking info is calling for several inches of snow continuing through January 9. The term "battleground," is being used to describe the likelihood of clashing storm systems over the next few days. The southeast portion of the U.S. is bracing for severe weather as well, with it expected to come in the form of heavy winds and torrential rain.

As far as the Magic Valley is concerned, expect to be shoveling your driveway Wednesday morning, as the heavier snow will likely start falling Tuesday night. Thursday (January 9) will be the next break in weather. For south Idaho elevations above 7,000 feet, there's a chance of between 10 and 15 inches.

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Overnight lows for December 7-9 (for Twin Falls County) will range from between the upper- teens to middle-twenties, according to predictions. Twin Falls will only climb to the middle-thirties for Wednesday and Thursday, before dropping into the upper-twenties by January 10 for a daytime high.

So, have that ice melt and car window scrapper nearby for Wednesday and Thursday in particular, as the break from Sunday's cold front will be short-lived.



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