Nobody asked me but I can answer in one word why President Obama is promising weapons to Vietnam:  China!  The Vietnamese and Chinese are traditional enemies.  The Vietnamese were only an enemy of the United States for a decade.  Some historians remind us after World War Two the USA quickly warmed up to the vanquished.  One word explains that decision:  Russia.

The only difference between now and then is the Germans and Japanese surrendered with only one condition combined.  The Japanese were allowed to keep an Emperor.  The Vietnamese negotiated a cease fire and violated it within two years.

One week after arming Vietnam the President went to Japan and while making no blanket apology cozied up to the Japanese by laying a wreath at a memorial to the dead at Hiroshima.  He then made a plea for the world to scrap nuclear weapons.  It’s a bit like the silly plot of Superman IV with Christopher Reeve or the West Wing when the President wants to eliminate cancer.  And I want to make sure we all have dung to burn in our ovens, a bag of rice in the hut and Direct TV (including HBO).  The appeal to the Japanese is to continue the effort to box in China.  The Chinese government is building artificial islands far out to sea in an effort to project military power and in order to protect Chinese shipping lanes.  Without secure shipping the cheap Chinese goods manufactured by cheap Chinese labor can’t get to market.  No goods shipped, no pay for hundreds of millions of hungry Chinese.  Hundreds of millions quite willing to hang at least a few members of the Politburo.

The United States owes a considerable amount of its 20 trillion dollars in debt to China and may be antsy about paying off the note.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I’m also told the Chinese don’t play well with the world’s big banks.  Mr. Obama wants the nukes put on shelves because as he angles for war with China there is knowledge the Chinese and its North Korean allies could make war a very, very hot potato.  Obama plays peacemaker but you realize his real constituency is in Davos.  As is Hillary Clinton’s backing.  Just who did she collect all that money from while delivering speeches as a private citizen?

Is war with China a worthwhile pursuit?  Former Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan wrote this past week about the stakes.  Is nuclear war worth the cost of protecting some narrow and wealthy special interests?

This afternoon I pulled two well-worn books from a closet.  War of the World by the economist/historian Niall Ferguson suggests the close of World War Two didn’t signal victory for the Allied powers but instead cleared the path for the rise of Asia.  Book number two is the Fourth Turning.  Authors William Strauss and Neil Howe explain every 80 years there is a major crisis in the English speaking world.  They’ve tracked these as far back as 700 years.  Give or take a year or two we’re familiar with the formula in North America.  A “turning” is a 20 year generational increment.  The Fourth Turning is the crisis period.  Where were we 80 years ago?  The Germans were marching through the Rhineland and the Japanese were marching through China.  Within a few short years our countrymen were fighting a global war against these foes.  Eighty years earlier the United States was split-in-half and fighting a civil war and 80 years before that the conflict was the Revolutionary War.

History unfolding.
History unfolding.

In all instances there were people suggesting caution.  In the late 1930s it was Charles Lindbergh.  Today it’s Donald Trump.  He suggests the Russians have mutual interests and that he can talk with the leader of North Korea.  While Trump believes the Chinese are picking our carcass clean he wants fair trade if not free trade and, yet.  News media and political enemies warn its Trump who would be dangerous with his finger on the button and not Hillary Clinton.  If you haven’t noticed Trump isn’t a popular figure on Wall Street or with the world’s largest bankers.  We’re told the man least likely to launch a nuclear strike is the man most likely to steam a few hundred million Chinese into the atmosphere.  I guess we now know where the elites stand!  I’m with Trump and Buchanan.  Otherwise we’re all glowing red for Hillary.

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