We all know there are a ton of amazing restaurants around the Magic Valley. Some people will even drive to a different city just to get food from a place they love. So, that makes this series of videos interesting because we know what restaurants are good and when someone who isn't from here and has never been here makes a 'best of' list, it's usually almost laughable. But these guys actually got it pretty close.

On YouTube there's a channel called Restaurant Reviews Worldwide and they recently posted more than a hundred videos of their best restaurant choices in each city in Idaho, Illinois, and  Georgia. They have also done the same thing for other states, but Idaho is interesting to us because we know what the real answers should be and they are not necessarily what we see in these videos. But they do get a pretty good list put together.

The restaurant picks are not in any best-of order, just 10 of the best restaurants in each city based on the choice of their experts.

What Are The Best Restaurants In Twin Falls?

Their top ten restaurant choices for Twin Falls are: Twin Falls, Milner's Gate, Elevation 486, Buffalo Cafe, Jakers, La Fiesta, Idaho Joe's, Scooter's, Canyon Crest, Twin Falls Sandwich Company, and Janitzios.

What Are The Best Restaurants In Each Idaho City?

You can scroll through their numerous videos to see their top choices for best restaurants in each city. Maybe you think their choices are right or maybe you'll see a restaurant you have never tried and get inspired to try something new.





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