Not sure they’ve actually opened any pagan temples yet, although.  These cities are considered the most irreligious in America.  A better description is post-Christian, since it was and remains the most practiced faith across the continent. 

Boise is 24th on the list.  I guess I’m no longer surprised.

Boise is 24th on the list.  I guess I’m no longer surprised.  The more “cosmopolitan” a place becomes it usually appears the less reliance there is on God.  Many of the cities near the top of the list also have thriving high-tech industries.  In some (Buffalo, New York), sports teams have replaced churches.  People no longer identify as Baptist, Presbyterian or Catholic.  Instead you identify by team colors and reciting all the wrongs done by referees.

Reno is in the top 20 and Las Vegas in the top 40.  I would’ve thought they would place even higher because of the gambling culture but quite possibly people who’ve lost their shirts turn to the Lord as a last resort.

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