A national website reports that an Idaho soldier who has been held captive in Afghanistan for the past 2 1/2 years may have tried to escape from his captors. 25 year old Hailey native, Bowe Bergdahl is believed to be the only American soldier still held captive by the Taliban. The Daily Beast  reports that Bergdahl made a daring break for freedom about three months ago. He has been in militant hands since June of 2009. It was in 2009 that the first of five videos surfaced with Bergdahl explaining he was captured after falling behind on a foot patrol with his unit. Bergdahl  apparently avoided capture for three days and spent those days without food or water, hiding in a trench he had dug with his own hands. Soon his captors found him and it took five or more militants to overpower him. Bergdahl is  back in custody but it's unclear where. One source told the beast he is kept shackled at night and his jailers are taking no chances. Colonel Tim Marsano, the spokesman for the Bergdahl family, is quoted in the Daily Beast article saying "Obviously a mother wants to hear that her son is well," he said she was proud to hear "that he fought off his captors."

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