The liberal media sycophants awoke today in mourning.  In off year elections their masters in the Democrat Party took another paddling from conservative Republicans.  A long shot downed a media darling in Kentucky.  The gun grabbing Governor of Virginia cost his party seats in Richmond.  The Sheriff-of-Nullification lost his job in San Francisco.  Men who claim to be women got rejected in Houston.  The disaster for Democrats continues in flyover country and is exhibit A in the culture wars supposedly over.  What a shock!  Not everyone outside the Beltway and media bubbles is a liberal, homosexual or combination thereof.

Lefty is bemused and frustrated and broken-hearted he hasn’t converted his countrymen to devil-worshipping, immigrant loving, Christian hating, cross-dressing, latte sipping, Land Rover driving, Obama loving, America hating, politically correct, Cabernet drinking citizens-of-the-world.

I saved a smattering of headlines over the last couple of days.  Look for a cause for a divide between the majority and the elites. These were all collected in less than 48 hours and for reasons of space I offer just a handful that would cause any reasonable human being some serious alarm:



Crazy could make people “with mental illness feel sad,” according to the story at Daily Caller and “man up” is also on the naughty list.  Lefty believes we’re all on board with these ridiculous notions.  What was it Chris Christie said about regulating Fantasy Football?  Oh, right, 20 trillion dollars in debt and we’re talking about rules for guys fantasizing about being football geniuses.

I call your attention to the story about boys showering with girls at school.  I’m not a prude but was the father of a little girl (now grown) and if anyone had told me then or told me now she’d be sharing potties and showers with people with penises you can bet someone would be cruising-for-a-bruising.  I make no apologies for making physical threats to any godless, liberal pantywaist who could potentially put my little girl in harm’s way.  Including Arne Duncan at President Obama’s Department of Education.  I can see these guys hissing, “Bring them out so we may know them!”

Bring them out so we may know them!
Bring them out so we may know them!

A friend of mine long ago retired from the U.S. Air Force with the rank of Lt. Colonel.  During his twenty years in the military he was acquainted with Curtis LeMay, Ronald Reagan, Neil Armstrong, Dan Cherry, Tom Clancy and George Bush the Elder.  This is Lt. Colonel Steve Hyle’s reaction to the Houston bathroom bill vote:


There are two things wrong here. The first is the fact that this issue even exists and warranted a place on a voting ballot. The country has gone way beyond just lacking common sense. It has now entered the realm of perversion and out right insanity. The second thing wrong is that 39% of the voters supported the ordinance. So I don't see how this could in any way be considered a victory. When 40% of your voting citizens believe it's OK for men to enter women's bathrooms, showers and changing areas, you have a sick and dangerous city. And, I would dare say this 40% prevails across all of America.

Do these fools not realize that this gender identification atrocity sweeping across the country is opening the door for every sick pedophile and rapist to have a field day? It's almost beyond comprehension. Women and young girls will be afraid to use these facilities at all if this madness is allowed to take hold in America.

This is but another blatant example of the Tyranny of the Minority. It's frightening that there is 40% of the population out there with a mentality that has enabled the establishment of this Tyranny in America. Up until now I thought they were just misguided, Kool-Aid drinking Liberal fools. Now I believe we can add perverted to their resume' as well.



Lefty will denounce the Colonel as a bigot and mean and out-of-step with reality.  Just remember, men like him created the conditions where we could pursue lives of leisure or the betterment of our traditional values.  Lefty and his media appendages chose leisure, ignored the sacrifices made by others and took us down the path straight-to-hell, although.  Tuesday offered a glimpse of salvation.

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