There are confirmed reports online that the Buhl School District is on lockdown after alleged threats of violence were made towards students and faculty.

Buhl School Students and Faculty Threatened

An email from Lori Stewart with the Twin Falls County verifies the information, that a threat was made in a message on Snapchat and the Buhl schools were immediately placed on lockdown. Law enforcement responded to help ensure the safety of all students and staff. Parents can pick up their children at the Buhl City Park.

Violent Threat Posted Online

In a Facebook post in the Twin Falls County Traffic, News, Crime, and Weather Blog screenshots of the threat were posted. In the pictures the person making the threats includes a list of the people they plan to harm. The list includes Elementary teachers, specific students at the Middle School, other specific students at the High School, plus 'many other students and teachers.'

The post also shows that the threat includes the date the attack would happen, Feb. 9, 2022, and that locking down the schools isn't going to help. The final paragraph in the post is graphic as it describes what is going to happen.

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