TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – Twin Falls city police are investigating a number of home burglaries that have been reported over the past month, with some attempts occurring while occupants were home.

The burglaries have occurred in both Twin Falls and Jerome counties.

These are in addition to reports of burglaries or attempted burglaries that the Twin Falls County Sheriff's said it received over the past month within the county, several occurring near Kimberly.

According to city police detectives, suspects either broke vehicle windows to activate automatic garage door openers or entered through open garage doors. They seem to be crimes of convenience, they said, and police remind homeowners to remove garage door openers from their vehicles that are out of sight and lock all entryways into their homes.

“Be sure to lock all doors that allow entry into your home, regardless if it is connected to a secured garage or not,” said Lt. Terry Thueson. “Also, leaving a light on inside your home as well as lighting the exterior of your home are also ways to deter crime from occurring around your residence.

“Being attentive to what is occurring in your neighborhood is an important component of keep yourself and your neighborhood safe.  If you see something suspicious or out of place, do not hesitate to call the police.”

The police department said detectives are currently working a number of leads in these cases.

The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office is investigating the crimes committed outside of city limits.

One homeowner told deputies that he noticed a man wearing a black ski mask get out of a purple or burgundy SUV and open the door of a pickup. The homeowner yelled at the suspect, causing him to get back into the SUV and drive away.

The sheriff's office said the six crimes reported to the county seemed to have been crimes of opportunity, where vehicle or house doors were left unlocked.

If you see anyone who doesn't belong on yours or a neighbor's property, or if you suspect any suspicious activity in your neighborhood, call Twin Falls police at 208-735-4357 or, for county, 208-735-1911.

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