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Idaho’s liberal media types keep telling us the public anger over the state shutdown isn’t widespread.  One said as much in a column last week.  He doesn’t actually live in Idaho but apparently can tell from afar.  He works from home and the world still seems the same.

A few years ago the guy told me North Idaho really wasn’t a hotbed of liberty.  Friends at the University of Idaho told him so.  When they looked out the windows at the faculty lounge, they mostly saw lefties walking the quad.  Election Day came and the liberty Republicans solidified ground.  “I was misinformed,” he later told me.  No kidding!  The world is bigger than an echo chamber filled with fellow travelers.

A few weeks ago the newspaper folks were telling us a large majority of Idahoans supported their home confinement.

A few weeks ago the newspaper folks were telling us a large majority of Idahoans supported their home confinement.  Hey, it was a novelty and many wanted to do their part.  Did the editors expect the polling data to remain stagnant or were they trying to sell a government policy they wholeheartedly endorsed?

This morning, one of the papers in the state reported Idahoans are increasingly breaking curfew.  Maybe they’ll still tell pollsters they support being locked up but they’re doing it while out and about.  Data from your smartphones shows compliance is crumbling.  Without ruminating on why someone is tracking you, the reporter explains there is a 4 percent drop week over week.  I believe the national drop reported last weekend by the Washington Post was only two percent.

Before a dam bursts it weakens gradually.  Then all at once the walls collapse.  Maybe the Governor can go door-to-door stuffing us back inside.  It’ll be good experience because in a couple of years he’ll be updating his resume.

Government only works with the consent of the governed.  Or, if like China and North Korea, you track people’s movements.

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