Growing up, I had a pair of favorite professional football teams.  One was local and the other employed my favorite player.

Look at the picture above. Lower left hand corner of the rear windshield.

I learned pain young.  The clubs are a combined 0 for 8 in Super Bowls (you can fill in the blanks).

As time has passed, my allegiances to football teams aren’t nearly as strong as my adherence to my favorite baseball team.  I can watch football with few expectations because I’m conditioned to know the Bills and Vikings will always foul up a good thing.  When I’m watching baseball, I’m twisted in knots.

Look at the picture above.  Lower left hand corner of the rear windshield.  I don’t know about you, but I think Bills/Vikings is acceptable and because they rarely play each other I’m not forced to make choices but…

How can you possibly be a fan of both Boise State and Oregon?  This is just plain sick!

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