I can tell you right now this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen, but I admit that I don't get out much. A bunch of motocross riders made a trip from Jackpot, Nevada through Idaho all the way to Canada. A bonus for us is that they also filmed it.

The group is called R'Idaho. Here's their own description of what they do from their website.

If you think you have the grit to survive a 1200 mile dirt bike route in the remote trails of Idaho, then this is the place.  These routes will test the limits of any rider/bike that dares to embark on the adventure of a lifetime while  riding across the beautiful, remote trails of Idaho.

They refer to it as "cross-country survival enduro". They ride on a lot of rugged trails, but also travel on some paved roads, too.

This video documents their trip that started in Jackpot and ended up north of the border in Canada. They ended up making a stop in the Magic Valley when one of the riders dislocated his shoulder and had to see a doctor in Jerome.

It gets even better. These guys ride all the time and you can join them if you feel like you're up to it. Check out their website and Facebook page for more information.