There are

some services that Twin Falls city could provide but for one reason or another either can’t or doesn’t.  That leaves opportunities for other organizations to provide the services.  And to help with those opportunities the city hands out grants to help the organizations provide those services.  The end result is that the services get provided at sometimes a big cost savings to the city.  The grants are called Municipal Powers Outsource Grant Funding.  This afternoon at 4 o’clock representatives from fifteen organizations will hear if their group received a grant.  The city has $100,000 available for the grants but over $180,000 have been requested by the organizations.  Some may get nothing at all and others may get less than requested.  Each group will have five minutes to present their case to the City Council at the 4 o’clock meeting and then the Council will announce who gets what.  Some of the groups that applied for grants include the Mustard Tree, Twin Falls Lions Club,  Twin Falls Senior Citizens Center • Boys and Girls Club of Magic Valley and  Crisis Center of Magic Valley