TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – The city’s pressurized irrigation stations are now on and residents should check their sprinklers for leaks.

“Leaks in sprinkler lines and overwatering depletes valuable water resources and may damage property,” reads a city news release. “Residents with pressurized irrigation who had their sprinkler system blown out will need to access a valve – generally near the sidewalk – to allow water to flow from the city’s pressurized irrigation to the homeowner’s sprinkler system.”

Pressurized irrigation water – taken from an open canal system and is not treated – is not safe to drink, but used on lawns and in flowerbeds it helps reduce demand on potable water by as much as 5 million gallons a day citywide.

Not all older subdivisions are connected to the system, but it’s required for all new subdivisions.

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