For one week after a deadly mass shooting Lefty was riding high in the saddle.  He saw an opportunity to rid America of something he found despicable from a people he found detestable.  Latte loving Lefty doesn’t much like flyover country.  When he infrequently must travel by ground he holds his nose.  We’re not only taking about the Midwest and Mountain West but as well the Deep South.  The places where bitter clingers won’t surrender God and guns.  Or in the case of the latter old battle flags from a long ago war and humiliating defeat.  Not that a flag has ever shot anyone.  It’s a piece of cloth.  It gets battered by wind and rain and easily fades with prolonged sun exposure, still.  As one pious leftist argued this week the Confederate flag is America’s swastika.  Or at least by his definition, which in his mind means it should and must be everyone’s definition.  Apparently the flag doesn’t kill anyone but it directs coded messages deep within the minds of people who kill.  Lefty believes if you eliminate the flag symbol somehow you eliminate gun violence.

Lefty was so impressed riding emotions following the shooting he even offered praise for an enemy as you can see here in the latest edition of the Hill.  Because South Carolina’s Republican Governor is displaying her inner liberal in calling for the removal of the old flag from the statehouse grounds she’s being praised.  Even promoted as a national figure!  Just a week ago she was a confused minority because she’s a Republican and by shunning allegiance to Democrats an inauthentic woman-of-color.

As she offered up the flag to salivating Lefty others in cities, small towns and states very far away joined the feeding frenzy.  This story explains the Mayor of Boise, Idaho wanted to strut his politically correct bona fides.  His target is the state flag of Mississippi, which appears a hybrid of the old rebellion and the original revolution.

A far way Mayor demands Mississippi change its colors. Courtesy, State of Mississippi
A far way Mayor demands Mississippi change its colors. Courtesy, State of Mississippi

Then suddenly by late morning something dramatically changed.  Lefty suddenly realized he had been had!  First, not to mention a great many people living in the south will now dig in their heels and shun Democrats and fellow travelers for at least another generation, but second because flags don’t kill people (unless you choke on one as part of a college initiation right or feeding frenzy, I guess).  The very same paper praising South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley at sunrise had an epiphany before noon as you can see here.

A fellow traveling U.S. Senator in faraway Yankeedom also had a sobering moment.  Connecticut’s Chris Murphy realized snapping someone with a flag as they emerge from a shower isn’t often deadly.  Shooting them as they look for a towel is another matter.  Oops!  Flag confiscation isn’t quite gun grabbing.  A publication in Murphy’s home state joins the lament.

Now all that’s left for smarmy Lefty is the usual stewing he does when he realizes once again he was bested by logic.  It’s what happens when you live a life ruled by emotions.

As for retailers no longer offering old rebel items for sale someone somewhere will fill the void.  In the Internet age a simple search can reveal hundreds of businesses willing to fill your orders.  Amazon and Walmart can praise themselves as good corporate citizens and continue peddling Chinese made trinkets.  Somehow nobody in leftist media has even considered that contradiction.

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