What do you make of this video?  I’ve seen a lot of these lately and the conspiracy buffs are worried.  Even the Rotarian Republicans I associate with are a little suspicious, although.  Can I for a moment express a thought I had watching this afternoon?  Many of these videos I’ve seen lately describe some movement of serious hardware.  Humvees with UN insignia, choppers in the skies and truck convoys rolling along highways and, yet.  Many of these videos are just static shots of a couple of vehicles and I can’t really identify where these are being flown or driven.

Some military hardware is parked for good and just because you've a photo doesn't mean we're threatened.

Having lived for many years near the home of the 10th Mountain Division as well as numerous air bases, guard and reserve units we often saw conveys rolling down big roads.  My house in Delaware was near Andrews, McGuire, Pax River, Dover and Langley.  Additionally there were nearby Marine, Army and Navy bases.  The air was clogged with jets out for daily exercise.  A-10s, F-16s, Galaxies, and C-17s.  Two Warthogs flew over my house at 11:00 A.M. every day.  The 16s roared over Delmarva and across the Delaware Bay just after 1:00 P.M. on a daily basis.  One day while walking on the beach near something called the Great Dune a C-17 appeared out of nowhere, banked to the north and followed the coast.  Perimeter drones were visible along the Atlantic Coast just before sunset.  One out of Pax River crashed on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and the smoke was visible on the mainland.

None of these were secret maneuvers.  And in an age with almost everybody carrying a cellphone camera with video capabilities then why the single still shots in these YouTube productions?  And don’t those helicopters look a little long in the tooth?  If this is so dad gum visible then get me some real pictures and with some identifiable insignia and landmarks in the background.  I don’t doubt some of these stories but if you want to move me to action then you’ll need better.