Is Rick Perry a secret globalist?  During the last presidential primary season I was hosting a radio show when a young libertarian telephoned and denounced Perry as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  At the time I was defending the then Governor of Texas for his forgetfulness during a debate.  He was being savaged by Republican-hating media for having a brain freeze on stage.  Perry was at the time suffering from severe back pain and taking pain killers, which a doctor would suggest could prevent anyone from being at their most clever and witty.

Council on Foreign Relations is one of those organizations dedicated to preserving the status quo, especially for government and banking insiders.  I recall thinking Perry must be on board in hopes CFR would give him some street cred with foreign policy.  Then I found an online roll of CFR membership.  There are four people named Perry.  None happened to be the Governor.  You can see a roster of members here.

Perry can’t seem to find many friends in the political world.  A successful three term Governor, successful state agriculture secretary and once an Air Force pilot he’s now relegated to the GOP back alley.  Despised by some libertarians and vilified by the left because he knows many oil executives on a first name basis.  Imagine that, a Texas Governor who meets with captains of industry in his state.  Perry presided over a revival of oil and natural gas wells in his state.  I’ve been twice to Texas and from what I’ve seen energy has been good for the place and provided many people with a swell standard of living.  This isn’t an endorsement of Perry.  As a Republican my favorites are Rand Paul and “Bobby” Jindal.  Both are competent, exceedingly bright and really dedicated to cleaning up government messes.  Ted Cruz also appeals but I still question the definition of natural born citizen.  Cruz was born in Calgary.  For you lefties it’s a city built by oil and cattle ranchers in Alberta.  Which is in Canada.  Where they speak English and have rodeo.  I’ll also likely be impressed by whomever the Constitution and Libertarian Parties put forward as presidential nominees but we’re not there, yet.  Not in 2016.

Perry was attacked in 2012 by the Washington Post.  His family had rented a hunting camp on a rocky outcropping named in the 1800s after black Americans but the local name wasn’t black.  It wasn’t even negro.  It was a tad more offensive to people-of-color.  If you get my drift.  The young Rick Perry had actually attempted to cover an offensive stone marker.  I guess the moral savants at the Post took offense because the pale Perry used whitewash.  The bad name for black people kept bleeding through, even as Rick Perry kept adding coats of white paint.  Now, this wasn’t on property owned or named by his family.  It was an exceptional location for a deer camp but somehow in media logic this meant Perry was a bedsheet wearing racist.  Hillary Clinton scoops up money from donors who kill women, homosexuals and Christians and that’s O.K.  Perry found a good spot for tracking deer but didn’t smash the rock marker into pebbles and is now suspect.  Got it?

Rick Perry likes venison. Courtesy, iStock.
Rick Perry likes venison. Courtesy, iStock.

The Post isn’t finished with its Perry rectal examination.  When he was discharged from his days flying tankers he returned to his beloved Texas and spent 6 years working on the family ranch, although.  The Post wants you to know there was a dark side!!!  Perry was lost reports Pravda-on-the-Potomac.  You can read all of the horrific details here about his brooding antics.  Perry would grab a rifle and bedroll, saddle up a horse and wander the wilderness with his dog for weeks at a time!  What could he have been doing?  Meeting Martian handlers?  Conducting CFR business among the tumbleweeds?  Shooting, skinning and cooking small animals and I don’t know what all when it comes to strange Texas rituals?

I suddenly have new respect for the former Governor.  Jesus wandered in the wilderness.  American explorers wandered in the desert.  Self-reliant pioneers hacked out survival through grit, bravery and faith.  Frankly, who doesn’t dream about sleeping under the stars and living without traffic, government minders and the distractions of modern cultural entertainment rot?

Perry wears cowboy boots not just to symbolize Texas but because it comforts his sore back.  Now if he would just revive a western tradition and plant a point up the backside of the Washington Post…