Did you know the U.S. Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops pinned Pope Francis to a floor and tickled him until he said, “Uncle,” and met their demands?  Then they ushered in the harlot, Kim Davis, and forced him to pray with the woman.  I’m paraphrasing a homosexual writing at a Christian blog.  I’d also like to note if the writer is seeking God I think it’s a good thing but his definition of the Almighty isn’t scripturally Christian.  Davis is a different matter.  When last week news broke of the meeting between the Bishop of Rome and the Protestant County Clerk from Kentucky a Roman Catholic coworker suggested Francis could’ve made a better choice.  I didn’t agree.  My friend is referencing Davis’ marital history.  She has had four husbands.  Many claim this means she’s not qualified to play the role of martyr by refusing to issue licenses for same-sex marriages.

As we learned after her Papal audience Davis grew up in a Roman Catholic family.  Apparently faith didn’t mean much when she was young.  Join the club!  Later in life she found an evangelical denomination and took a different course.

One of the best known parables shared by God while He walked this earth was the story of the vineyard owner.  While folks in news media may be challenged to find it I’ll save them some time.  Look up Matthew, Chapter 20, verses 1-16.  The farmer hires field hands throughout the day and as sunset nears hires several more to ensure the work is finished.  The men hired early in the day are angry when it comes time to be paid because everyone gets the same reward no matter how many hours have been spent in the field.  Kim Davis may have arrived late at the vineyard but the Lord welcomed her as He welcomes those who’ve tried walking the straight and narrow since birth (and anyone reading this who claims their own sins are few really needs some humility).

Perhaps it would be better if Pope Francis had explained all of this but his Vatican politicians are now trying to slink away in some sort of attempt to appease liberals and fellow travelers in news media.  In other words, Holy Mother Church as it bills itself, is throwing Kim Davis under a bus.

The faithful abandoned.
The faithful abandoned.

I haven’t been to mass in several weeks.  I won’t go today.  I won’t go because I’ve realized the institution is controlled by men who are more concerned about their own worldly ambitions while at the same time telling me to prepare for an afterlife I may never attain.  I won’t yet call this my resignation from the Roman Catholic faith but clearly Church administration has left me.  And a great many of the devout while pursuing the adulation of mass media out of one side of the mouth while damning modernity from the other side.

I’ll get many replies to this post and several will invite me to their own churches.  “We badmouth papists every week,” they’ll tell me as if I’m looking for such ramblings.  What always gets me about these Protestant denominations is how a guy who sets himself up as an earthly prince from the local pulpit rails about the Pope being an earthly prince.  Or they carry on with some 500 year old argument no one has bothered to ever update.  Or they claim the Roman Empire compiled the Bible as a means of social control and gave sanction to the Church as a means of policing the flock.  It’s true, an emperor did bring together the best minds of the ancient Church and put them to work on cleaning up the faith.  Jesus didn’t fly around the earth at night rescuing cats from trees.  He didn’t perform card tricks, pull rabbits from hats and coins from behind the ears of children.  Tales of His nature were getting so incredibly goofy in some stories it was diminishing His divinity and His message.  I don’t have issues with authority.  Well, at least when the authority isn’t trying to curry favor with a modern ideology hell-bent on destroying the traditions and bedrock of the institution.  Pope Francis makes himself obtuse and this allows sinister people in media to sell the public an image of a great reformer who’ll stop the seas from rising.  Where have we heard that one before?  He allows the sinister to portray him as Barack Obama’s ward boss.  The Pope allows the sinister to give the public the impression the Church is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party.  Then when news leaks of a visit with the Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky the man’s own ward healers quickly rush in and appease the sinister.  When Davis’ lawyer revealed the secret meeting the Vatican response was cowardly and coy.  “Maybe he did and maybe he didn’t,” doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.  It also tells me when the times get rough, and they’re getting ever rougher for Roman Catholics and all Christians, the very large corporation known as the Vatican and its CEO won’t be of much help.

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