Lefty is working overtime to discredit an Air Force veteran.  Michelle Manhart made national news when she snatched a flag from Students at a Georgia college.  Some young people had tossed it on the ground and were using it as a doormat.  Manhart owns a restaurant near the campus of Valdosta State and when the daughter of a friend told her about the desecration the veteran went to retrieve the flag.  The whining students accused her of theft, campus police returned the flag and wrestled Manhart to the ground before cuffing her.  Obviously sensitive to public relations she was later released and not charged by police.


Manhart has been in the public spotlight before.  Not only does she have a recurring role on a daytime television drama she was forced to leave the Air Force after posing for Playboy.  I vaguely remember the Playboy story from almost a decade ago.  Vaguely as I don’t buy, read or look at the pictures.  From what I understand the Air Force thought her conduct unbecoming and she might have saved herself some trouble had she not waited until shortly before publication to inform her superiors.

The Washington Post wants you to know all these details and as Pravda-on-the-Potomac reports here the woman is also active in PETA.  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals if you didn’t already know.  During one photo shoot she wouldn’t wear any clothes made from animal hides or fur and instead was photographed draped in the flag.

I’ve seen milder pictures of Manhart online and all I can say is her flag adornment did nothing to harm Old Glory.  I’d call it an enhancement and unlike some of the editors at the Post I actually like girls.

While I wouldn’t want the women in my family posing in magazines and being ogled by young men I really don’t care what Manhart did for a paycheck ten years ago.  She certainly didn’t harm anyone else and while some will argue she harmed herself it does seem she has done just fine since her 14 years in the Air Force.

The newspaper is telling conservatives we shouldn’t make her a hero because she won’t wear fur and because she was, what, a shameless hussy for taking her clothes off?  Come now, Lefty, you support the empowerment of women.  Two, I don’t take instruction from godless America hating liberals at the Washington Post who’ve so far ignored the flotsam treading on the flag.  Or a university administration nonchalant about the Stars and Stripes being ground into pavement.  Funny, Lefty gets offended and Righty gets expelled.  Righty gets offended and she gets barred from campus.

If nothing else, Michelle Manhart had guts ten years ago and still has them today.   And like the heroes of the Bible imperfect but doing the right thing when called to duty.

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