America is experiencing the effects of a C.L.O.T.  A friend shared the acronym and tells me it stands for Closed Loop of Tyranny.  I’m reflecting today on the number of people openly using the word revolution.  I mentioned in a post a few days ago a new book about the upcoming fourth American Revolution.  The Civil War was number two and the New Deal number three.  Two of the previous three were bloody and the last one was bloodless (aside from some outbursts by organized labor).

Congressman is leading a "revolution".
Congressman is leading a "revolution".

On Wednesday Representative Raul Labrador told me he had no interest in a leadership role within the U.S. House of Representatives.  Labrador explained it’s no place for someone working on a “revolution”.  How many Congressman openly admit it’s what drives their commitment?  The Republican Labrador even spoke about the threat posed in the United States by Wall Street oligarchies (my word and not his).  This is coming from a Republican!  He and more than 3 dozen of his colleagues in the House Freedom Caucus speak like 1890s populists.  If you’re a political junkie this is fascinating stuff.  Potentially it’s also a very dangerous time to be alive.  The Beltway and Wall Street gangs aren’t going quietly into that good night.  In recent days I’ve read where President Obama’s Federal Communications Commission is planning an even larger crackdown on Internet freedom.  This may just be enshrining some of the details hammered out in the new Pacific trade deal, which will replace IP addresses with personal identification.  Allowing some of the nastier players signing the treaty to track down dissenters.  The FCC is also considering a crackdown on talk radio, which is now far less conservative and much more populist than a decade ago.  The change began in 2007 when many major talk show hosts were out in front as they charged against amnesty for illegal aliens.  Establishment Republicans were incensed.  A couple of days ago the Atlanta based talk host, Erick Erickson wrote the criticism from the establishment has intensified.  Erickson accurately pointed out the hosts are reflecting a massive segment of their audiences while government wants silence!

Institutions crumble when credibility crumbles.  In fact there are just a few thin pillars undergirding culture and civilization.  These require faith as well as trust.  The historian Victor Davis Hanson cites respect for law as a critical leg supporting the table.  As you can read at this link the places known as sanctuary cities and rhetoric attacking law enforcement are signs the current regime is working the edges of totalitarianism.

And some are above the law.  Lois Lerner or an associate deliberately destroyed her hard drive at the Internal Revenue Service.  Lerner was using her position to target people deemed enemies of Barack Obama.  As you can read here she won’t be facing criminal charges.  We also learned this week Hillary Clinton deliberately assisted a lie following the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.  Clinton also destroyed tens-of-thousands of e-mails related to her tenure as Secretary-of-State.  As you can see at this link fellow traveling Clinton campaign appendages in media are assisting in downplaying Hillary’s character flaws, lies and potential destruction-of-evidence.  In fact the overwhelming media chorus is disparaging investigators as it cheerleads for Presidential candidate Clinton.  How many of Richard Nixon’s cohorts in the Watergate Scandal went to prison for perjury, that is lying to investigators and for nothing more?

Outside of talk radio, a handful of national writers and alternative websites on the Internet, the overwhelming majority of American news media is reactionary.  It’s working with oppressors to silence anyone pointing out threats to the Republic.

Clinton hails from a time of campus unrest in the 1960s.  The leftist radicals of the time burned colleges demanding a greater voice in politics and culture.  These same people are now mostly administering academia and government bureaucracy.  Check out this link from PJ Media.  Most college campuses are now as tightly controlled as the old communist regimes behind Eastern Europe’s Iron Curtain.  The future may well be dystopian.  Even a man like Raul Labrador must watch his back.  The Congressman’s home state is often called the reddest in the country, however.  Idaho’s GOP establishment doesn’t like the revolutionary.  He gives voice to half-the-state and surely there are fears he could take down the local regime.  The backlash from the establishment is nationwide and party affiliations mean nothing.  You’re either serving the people or you’re serving yourself.  At the moment the latter still control all the heavy weapons.

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