I don’t know if local newspaper readers see the constant contradictions from front page to editorial page.  This hinges on actual readers as so few people any longer bother with taking a paper but if you stumble across one you’ll understand my point.  I worked for the past seven years for one of the titans of Twentieth Century journalism.  He worked at a newspaper in Oklahoma City, then CBS News during its glory years in the 1960s and moved to ABC and bolstered the product there before walking away altogether 30 years ago.  The man, David Schoumacher, once told me in a conversation about dying news media no one wanted to discuss the 800 pound gorilla.  In his view it wasn’t the Internet or cable competition, although.  He believed they played roles.  He argued the public no longer trusted most news media because of institutional bias.

On the front page today of my local Sunday paper a story explains how Idaho is among the leaders nationally in attracting new businesses and industry.  One corporate officer explains there are fewer regulatory hurdles and not mentioned utilities and other costs here are the envy of the nation.  On an almost daily basis the editors at the same paper rail against the Republicans who control the state for any and all manner of infractions.  What was it Margaret Thatcher said of one of her socialist opponents?  I provide a link to a video here.

Yes, the newspaper folks would rather have all of us poorer as long as they can settle scores with the wealthy.

At the very same newspaper an editorialist today explains the Tea Party is over.  With about 15 candidates potentially seeking the Republican Presidential nomination it would be accurate to say that all but a couple of them will have a Tea Party stamp of approval.  I’ve heard this wishful thinking from liberals before.  In 2010 and 2014.  The result being more and more Tea Party Republicans in government at local, state and national levels.  Had Republicans in 2012 actually placed a candidate at the top of the ticket with some fire in the belly we wouldn’t likely today have the Middle East in flames and a total lack of confidence in America’s future (the editors see the same polling data about confidence) and a rejection of the soft approach to reviving an economy.  Remember the arrows in Mr. Obama’s first term quiver?  Once fired there was nothing left and the country remains adrift five years later.  The same editorialist applauds an ever more left-leaning member of Congress for voting for the so called “Doc Fix”, which will boost doctor pay for Medicare visits.  A second Congressman who rejected the bill is excoriated because attached to the same document was money for rural schools.  Never once does the editorial writer explain in actual terms what this bill will cost.

How much longer can we spend when we can't afford?
How much longer can we spend when we can't afford?

Somewhere between one half and three quarters of the tab is added to the massive national debt.  Which means Washington either prints more money and devalues currency or borrows from China or Islamic Sovereign Wealth Funds.  Just how stupid do these newspaper leftists think we are?  Media is filled with the pompous.  Never has media offered a cure for cancer or a design for a new rocket and yet there is a belief the rest of us must be instructed in what to think.

While driving this week I listened to a radio discussion where a leading conservative Republican offered a plan to eliminate the national debt by 2050.  A great many of us will by then be long dead and if the liberal media has its way the debt woes will continue in almost perpetuity.  I say almost as no one with an IQ above 75 believes this fiasco can be strung along for another decade much less 35 years or a century.  Economists will also tell you the almost 20 trillion dollar debt figure bandied about isn’t quite accurate.  It doesn’t reflect pledges made to government retirees and the soon to be retired.  It doesn’t represent the promises made at the state and local levels.  Some place the figure at 130 trillion, a number so astronomical it’s beyond our human conception and certainly beyond the editors at one-horse newspapers.  They wouldn’t go hundreds of thousands of dollars into personal debt and then get another credit card in hopes of paying off their own massive expenses.  Then what is it they don’t understand?  You could empty the bank accounts and pockets of America’s rich and in 6 months once again be in need of cash but there wouldn’t any longer be an investment class driving any economy whatsoever.

One other point about efforts to railroad the people.  On page A-3 of the very same paper this Sunday is a story about “civility”, which is a not so clever attempt to silence dissent.  The story celebrates a nursing professor at a local college who believes we all need to be nicer to each other.  What do you go to college for?  Getting bussed on the cheeks or to become a productive member in a competitive economy?  I guess if you see him on a local street you can plant a big wet one on his kisser.  And don’t be alarmed but another editorial in the very same edition makes the same argument for holding hands.  It’s based on anecdotal evidence from Bowe Bergdahl’s hometown where some claim other people have been mean to them for throwing a party for a deserter.  The writer claims we don’t know if Bergdahl was a bad guy and isn’t it great he’s home.  I don’t know about that, I think Bowe was fine just where he was and Lefty knows what I’m talking about.  In his world it’s called karma and in mine it’s known as justice.

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