I’ve often thought arguments in favor of abortion were a defense of the indefensible.  When the Kermit Gosnell case (ignored by much of establishment media) didn’t move public opinion seriously in any direction I despaired.  As a pro-life Roman Catholic and a Republican I’ll admit I was also pro-life when I was a young man and a Democrat.  The sad and despicable events we’re now seeing at Planned Parenthood may finally be the wakeup call (I pray) which we’ve long searched.  This week I saw a column from the website of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.  Christian Schneider may be one of the finest writers today in America.  You can read his work here and if it doesn’t act as a bracer for those in denial then all I can say is we’re dealing with soulless and cold beings.  Like something from an old horror film come down to earth and living under human skin but wholly empty.


Speaking of outer space creatures three years ago I participated in the March for Life.  John Boehner was among the speakers.  He’s left Washington for summer vacation without a vote on ending federal funding of Planned Parenthood.  Need I say more about the Speaker of the House or do we already collectively know he’s a shyster and a lying fraud?


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