Is there a Bush family consiglieri waiting for the nod to call in a hit on Donald Trump?  I raised the question with a friend the other day as Trump continues running circles around the latest Bush claimant to the throne.  Old man Bush had CIA ties and some have even tried placing him outside the Texas Schoolbook Depository on a crisp November day in 1963.  The elder Bush and son “W” were surrounded by some shady characters from yearly picnics at Bohemian Grove.  Now along comes Donald Trump and Jeb Bush is so flustered he claims he was talking about the Chinese when he used the dreadful slur “anchor babies!”  Never mind the notion the words are offensive is woven out of thin-air by academics, Democrats and fellow travelers in media.  The latest Bush looked like a dork and for all the people who insisted Brother George was dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks now they’ve got a new punching bag.

Behind every smiling elephant is an angry RINO! Courtesy, Bill Colley
Behind every smiling elephant is an angry RINO! Courtesy, Bill Colley

Trump has the Beltway establishment so unnerved they’re now warning he’ll be firing off the nuclear arsenal even before the canon salute ends on Inauguration Day.  The effete and godless George Will leading the pack.  As you can read here the columnist is fuming about dumb-dumb-dummies outside Washington giving Trump the early advantage.  The only guy in the United States with hair worse than the Donald’s is about ready to have a stroke.

Look, Republicans and Democrats have had the keys to the car for 3-quarters of the nation’s existence.  They long ago drove the vehicle off a cliff.  Will’s argument is no better than what you hear from leftists who believe they’re the smartest people in any room they walk into and no matter how large the room.  This point is hammered home today by a writer at the Washington Times.  Sally Zelikovsky reminds us it wasn’t Trump who used the communal well as his own personal toilet.  Zelikovsky’s lament is echoed even from the left.  This is a link to a publication called The Week.  The writer makes a case other White House aspirants are no better than the billionaire and, in fact, may even lack many of Trump’s qualifications.

The left rails against the Donald’s call to build a border wall as well as send home 11 million of potentially 30 million lawbreakers.  The candidate may be a big personality but most Americans still recognize we’re a nation of laws and not men.  If I come into your house through an open window and clean out your refrigerator I’m a thief and a burglar.  A common modern law enforcement term is “home invasion”.  If we plan to remain a nation of laws then it’s time Lefty gets the message we won’t tolerate nullification of rules by which he refuses to play.

The argument against Trump’s plan from the right is to whine it can’t be done.  So much for a can-do American spirit.  Shortly after the entry of the United States into World War Two a man named Franklin Roosevelt set production goals.  Many in his New Deal coalition thought FDR was daft, drunk or well into his dotage.  By the end of the war the production goals all had been obliterated and historians still marvel at Roosevelt’s “Arsenal of Democracy”.  The United States simply overwhelmed its enemies.  Why?  Because cultural survival and national sovereignty depended on a bold effort.  It’s clear the current political class isn’t up to the task.  Then along comes a man filled with bravado and people in ever increasing numbers respond.  They’re rallying despite 50 years of public and higher education instructing them their country isn’t and never was exceptional.  The masses are being told to expect less and to accept it as punishment for perceived sins of their forefathers.  Millions are following a man described just weeks ago as a clown because they realize they’ve been lied to, robbed and browbeaten for loving God, flag and an idealized America.

As for the Bush’s and other pantywaists along the lines of George Will I would advise against any coup d’état to restore their lives of croquet, yachting and general leisure.  It seems to me millions are finally ready to grab the pitchforks, tar and feathers.  Be a shame if they disheveled George Will’s helmet-head.

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