MURTAUGH, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Car wreckage and a dead body were found on Murtaugh Road near the Murtaugh grade in Jerome County early Monday evening.

An unidentified male body was found along with the car wreckage at a sharp turn near the Murtaugh grade. Both Idaho State Police and Jerome County Police were on the scene to access the damage. According to police, workers along the road found car debris nearby on the dirt mound. Police say they looked across the overhang and saw the wrecked car.

Deputy Rick L. Scruggs of Jerome County Police described the fatal accident. "Well I had this vehicle that was traveling southbound here on 1900 East here and failed to negotiate a turn here at the top of the grade here at Murtaugh and he launched over the barrier and he's down on the shelf," said Deputy Scruggs.

Scruggs assumed the body has been there for about a day. Police arrived on the scene at around 6 PM Monday evening, and they said they'll be there for a few hours longer. Scruggs said they have a possible address for the man, and are going to notify family members once his identity is confirmed