Dateline NBC has announced that they will be telling the story of the missing Rexburg children that haven't been seen for months. The bizarre story poses questions about the parents, the circumstances and if the children could possibly still be alive.

Joshua Vallow and Tylee Ryan have been missing from their Rexburg home since September of 2019. The police have no idea where they could be and the mother of the children fled to Hawaii with her new husband after being confronted by police. A judge ordered the mother Lori and her husband Chad to produce the children in Rexburg by a certain date or they would face charges. The deadline passed and the children are nowhere to be found. Police did find one of the children's cell phones in Hawaii with Lori but she isn't talking at all. Neither is Chad, her new husband.

The special is two hours long. However, with all the twists and turns in this story, two hours probably isn't enough time. Unfortunately, we still don't know where the children are. If you have any information please contact the authorities.

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