JEROME, Idaho (KLIX)-Idaho conservation officers plan to capture and track deer and pronghorn in the desert areas north of Interstate 84 from Eden to Bliss. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game announced plans to begin capturing about 40 mule deer and 35 pronghorn in the next week to place GPS radio collars on the animals to collect data. Staff will use a helicopter with a net gunner to capture the animals. The radio collars will provide data to biologists to track migration habits, habitat use, and survival. The information will then be available to agencies and businesses to make land-use decisions. The areas the deer and pronghorn will be captured include Hunt, Eden, north of Shoshone and Dietrich, along with Gooding and Bliss. "Capture operations are one-time events designed to cause minimal stress on wildlife on winter range. Biologists attempt to avoid repeatedly stressing wildlife while conducting captures on winter range since the cumulative impacts of multiple disturbances can result in increased mortality," the agency said in a statement. The helicopter will only chase the animals for a maximum of three minutes or less. Most of the operations will happen on public land with some on private property with permission.

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