Steve Martin once summed up cultural differences by saying, “It’s as if those French have a different word for everything!”  I’m reminded language isn’t always the barrier when I follow mainstream media in the United States (I’m told it’s no better in Western and Northern Europe).  At this link you can find the cultural divide when Charlie Rose of CBS News confronts Marco Rubio.  The U.S. Senator from Florida obviously paid attention when Hillary Clinton testified before the House Benghazi Committee.  During the hearing it was revealed Mrs. Clinton well knew the attack on the American Consulate was a planned terrorist outburst.  Then she and her cabal of leftist fellow travelers in government concocted a phony cover story to ensure the re-election of Barack Obama.  Rubio mentioned it during a debate and Rose is miffed because the newsman can’t fathom his girl and fellow traveler as a liar.

There are two things at play here.  One is the mainstream media’s complicity in September and October of 2012 selling the lie about an unknown video in order to assist in dragging Obama over the finish line.  People like Rose can’t admit their bias today because it’s an admission of their shared guilt.  Some may remember a Mitt Romney supporter being interrupted by fellow traveling MSDNC host Chris Matthews.  “It’s all about the video,” the DNC mouthpiece shouted.  Propagandists are party to the big lie and hundreds died in riots around the world as the lie was spread.  Matthews and Rose have blood on their hands just as much as Hillary and Obama have bloodstained fingers.  This is a criminal conspiracy hiding behind the First Amendment.

The number two issue is the inability of leftist media appendages to see the darkness of their liberal political allies.  The late William Safire tagged Mrs. Clinton as a “congenital liar”.  This isn’t a new phenomenon.  The woman has been lying her entire life and despite media claims she mopped up the floor at the Benghazi hearings it doesn’t make her right.  It also doesn’t mean she’s out of the woods, although.  I was saddened over the weekend when I read the quote of one insider who said the former Secretary-of-State was just too big to go to prison.  There are two sets of laws in this country.  One for the left and one for the rest of us.  The media sycophants talk about economic disparities but ignore the legal chasm.  How does it serve America when everyone living between the coasts no longer has any confidence they can get a fair shake when it comes to the law?  Men like Chris Matthews really don’t care.  It runs in the family.  His brother escaped jail time for perjury in a corruption case by ratting out others.  You may recall in Orwell’s Animal Farm all animals are equal but some are more equal than others.  Chris Matthews idolizes the late President and rapist John Kennedy.  For lefty, statutory rape of underage interns, lying about government contracts and people dying after the Benghazi tall tale are all part of the game.  The ends justify the means.

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Republicans hope to get a fair shake from mainstream media.

There may still be hope.  More people may see the Charlie Rose exchange because of my meager contribution than ever saw it on live TV.  The CBS morning show was designed to aid witness protection programs.  Broadcasters go there for anonymity.  Increasingly most traditional news outlets are dealing with the same crisis.  When no one any longer trusts the baloney no one listens, watches or reads the propaganda.  Writing at PJ Media the columnist Michael Walsh borrows a reference from Russian history to describe the fall-of-the-press.  You can see his column at this link.  Like other institutions once revered in America the fall will be swift.  The CNBC debate from a couple of weeks ago was the great catalyst.  In the days that followed fellow travelers whined and claimed Republicans wanted to dodge tough questions.  What tough questions?  Fantasy Football regulation?  The appendages and Clinton campaign minions in media are convinced the public is still buying because this is what they tell each other in their closed loop.

By mid-summer next year Americans will be seeing a lot more of the candidates and you can make book on one thing:  Clinton’s complete lack of personality, empathy and moral center won’t go unnoticed by people.  Matthews, Rose and the other fellow travelers will try and paint the contest in outdated 60-year-old portraits of the parties.  With the big money from Wall Street oligarchs funding all the major political players in the two largest denominations the media snow job isn’t getting any easier.  Whether you like him or not Donald Trump has changed the game.  Don’t grovel before these sad and pathetic media wretches.  A good kick to their tiny private parts is worth 15 points in the polls.

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