BOISE, Idaho (KLIX)-A small dog was likely attacked and carried away by a bobcat Sunday morning in the Boise foothills. According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, a Boise resident reported their 18-pound miniature labradoodle had been taken by a wild animal from their front yard near Hulls Gulch. The dog owner told the investigating conservation officer they had let the small dog out into the yard for a while and when they went to let the dog in they found a blood trail that went over a four-foot fence into the foothills. Idaho Fish and Game said the officer found only the dogs collar about 100 yards from the home. The officer also found bobcat tracks and coyote tracks in the area. The officer suspects the bobcat attacked the dog and drug it off and coyotes took the rest of the dog. Last week multiple people reported seeing a mountain lion along the Boise River and in neighborhoods near the foothills. Idaho Fish and Game said it gets reports of the big cats in the city almost every year. “One of the many things to love about living in Idaho is that — even in Boise — we are situated on the edge of the untamed,” said Regional Supervisor Josh Royse said in a prepared statement. “But when you live in that urban-wildland interface, predators are a part of the landscape. An apparent wildlife attack on a dog is a truly unfortunate reminder of that reality. While we know that conflicts between wildlife and pets can and do occasionally happen, that knowledge doesn’t make it any less tragic for pet owners when situations like this arise, and my heart goes out to them.” Staff will be visiting the neighborhood where the dog was attacked to educate residents. Idaho Fish and Game said it will keep an eye out for any abnormal animal behavior.

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