I owe Donald Trump an apology.  Earlier this week I was on-air and criticized him for talking about how the government could pay off debt by printing more money.  I posted my comments on Facebook and then got a response that put me in my place.  A Facebook connection pointed out Trump didn’t say he recommended inflating away the national debt.  He only explained it can currently be done by printing more dollars.  Now I’m guilty of the same things I daily accuse mainstream media of doing to sabotage Republican and conservative candidates.  My comeuppance was also delivered earlier this morning.  While getting ready for work I was listening to MSDNC’s Morning Joe.  The show where old, bald and white liberal plagiarists claim to speak for the American people.

Trump proposes temporary halt, Courtesy, Getty Images.
Trump proposes temporary halt, Courtesy, Getty Images.

Host Joe Scarborough criticized Trump’s earlier call for a moratorium on Muslim immigration to the United States.  Scarborough cited a poll where 60 percent of Americans are opposed to the ban, however.  Let’s ask the polling question another way:  Should we admit terrorists?  Doubtless the answer is 100 percent of respondents saying, “No!”  Trump didn’t call for a permanent ban.  He wants a pause to ensure the system isn’t leaking.  The national security community already maintains we’ve admitted some cutthroats.  This was followed by panelist Donny Deutsch (it’s a German word for a feminine appliance) arguing it would be unconstitutional to deport American Muslims based on their faith.  Did Trump suggest a mass deportation?  When?  Where?  Deutsch, the real life Don Draper is qualified to talk about selling blenders on TV but when it comes to politics he’s spreading the big lie.  Among other things.

Even many so-called conservatives in government work in an effort to spread the stench of the lie.  Witness Jeff Flake, junior U.S. Senator from Arizona.  He lives in a state plagued by illegal border crossings and he’s muttering about violations of the Constitution.  I keep a copy of the document on my desk and nowhere does it say there is any right for a foreigner to come and live, mooch and prosper in the United States.  You would think Flake would know better but I’ll bet he’s looking to gain favor with the elites in media and Washington.

Yesterday I saw a clip from a news conference with former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  Among her fellow travelers on the left there is a notion borders are useless and we need to recruit as many new Democrats as we can to ensure the future of the welfare state.  Pelosi is a traitor, conspiring with Mexican politicians and Secretary-of-State John Kerry to birth the North American Union.  In case you missed it while watching or reading mainstream media illegal immigrants on average collect more welfare in a year than do poor American citizens.  Here is the evidence.  While the law says the payments are illegal they aren’t illegal for anchor babies!  Mom and dad collect because the kids can’t and the remaining working Americans pay the freight.

Did you see the story about the vanishing middle-class among your countrymen?  It appears liberal elites are conspiring to pauperize the very people they claim to serve.

I’m enclosing a video from today’s show.  We join it in progress as I talked briefly about auto and radio maintenance before getting into the meat of this notion we owe the rest of the world a free-lunch.  You can watch and listen below:



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