The Dutch Bros on Pole Line Rd in Twin Falls is currently closed. Don't stress though, it will reopen soon. It is currently under a remodel.

Dutch Bros on Pole Line will remain closed until May 29th. That means that you will have plenty of chances to go get your coffee on Memorial Day to recover from the weekend. According to a Dutch Bros representative, the coffee shop is currently closed so they can redo the flooring and get a few cosmetic upgrades.

The Blue Lakes Dutch Bros is still open so you can still get coffee. Just make sure you give yourself some extra time if you are looking to get your coffee fix from them. The Poleline location was overwhelmed and that was one of the many reasons the Blue Lakes Dutch Bros was added. So with Blue Lakes being the only one open, they are likely getting swamped.

Don't get me wrong, I love Dutch Bros coffee, I love the things they do and how cheerful they are. That being said, if you don't want to wait in line, Twin Falls has a ton of coffee options. They may not have that awesome music going or have the over-the-top personality like the workers themselves have had too much coffee, but it is still good.

Or you can wait for the happy, giggly, always make your day Dutch Bro servers on the Blue Lakes location. It is almost reopened. We can make it through a couple more days with a single location.

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