I am in the process of trying to find some places to explore backpacking. I found some places that I believe would be a good start for me and other beginners. If you can think of any more please let us know. I think I am going to have to try a few of these out when it isn't too hot out though.

I found a couple of websites that helps backpackers decide where they want to go depending on the difficulty level. I found some easy ones that aren't too far away and would be great for beginners according to reviews.


  • 1

    Lucky Peak Dam Trail

    This is 8.2 miles out and back. A trail located between Twin Falls and Boise, much closer to Boise. It is a state park so there is a vehicle charge. However, it looks like it could be a fun beginner weekend backpacking trip complete with some water to jump in.

  • 2

    Third Fork Rock Creek Loop

    I have kind of hiked through this area before but I haven't backpacked it and stayed over night. It is 8.3 miles near Oakley. Definitely a good starting spot. The hike is considered moderate though.

  • 3

    Hulls Gulch Sidewinder Loop

    Located near Boise, this is a 6.2 mile moderate loop. It looks like a fun little nature trip. 6.2 miles is something I think is doable for a day or weekend.

  • 4

    Trail Creek

    This one I am not so sure I would explore in the summer time because it doesn't appear to have much running water but that is just me. It is only 7.5 miles and is lightly trafficked.

  • 5

    Bench Lake Trail

    This is 7.8 miles and tends to be heavily trafficked. The trail is near Stanley and has Red Fish Lake as an option for a place to jump in and cool off.

  • 6

    Soldier Creek and Free Gold Creek

    This place looks like a lot of fun. Located near Fairfield, I would totally backpack this 8.4 mile long trail. It is primarily used for hiking and backpacking.

  • 7

    Iron Creek Stanley Lake Trail

    This loop leads to Sawtooth Lake and is a 10 mile stretch. It is pretty heavily trafficked which can be a good thing and a bad thing for beginners. It looks beautiful though.

  • 8

    Pettit Lake to Twin Lakes

    The trail is number 095 and it is a 13.3 mile trail. That seems pretty long but for a backpacker who wants to make a full weekend of it and isn't completely brand new it could be a great option.

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