UPDATE: Twin Falls Police say one juvenile has been arrested in connection to a strong armed robbery that happened this past weekend. Police in a written statement, thanked the public for their help and quick response in identifying the person of intest and were able to track down the juveniles involved. Police noted that no more information would be provided because the crime involves juveniles.

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) Twin Falls Police are looking for a person of interest caught on camera after an elderly woman was robbed of her purse during a public event this past weekend. Police provided photos of the person of interest on their Facebook page asking the public to help identify him. An elderly woman watching a trick-or-treat event on Saturday at the Twin Falls City Park had her purse ripped away from her by several suspects. Police say citizens chased the purse grabbers down and get the purse back to the woman. If you have any information for Twin Falls Police, call Detective Rivers at (208) 735-7217 or email: krivers@tfid.org.

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