He’ll claim it’s a perversion-of-Islam.  He’ll speak about the religion-of-peace.  He’ll call for new restrictions on firearms.  As I begin writing this I’m about 40 minutes away from President Obama’s message following the mass killing in Orlando.  If he mentions “Islamic terrorism” I fully expect the President will fall to the floor in paroxysms.  He’ll speak about hate speech and blame talk radio.  He’ll call for opening the borders to tens of thousands of more refugees from the Islamic world.  He’ll blame colonialism.  He’ll blame Donald Trump.  Barack Obama will blame Republicans and white people.  When he’s done his sycophants in media will begin performing the usual Lewinsky for him and demand the rest of us surrender our guns and embrace the new people and politely explain American liberties mean men can kiss in public and, yet.

Mandel Ngan-Pool/Getty Images
Mandel Ngan-Pool/Getty Images

The gunman was a Democrat.  Like most liberals he had a deep need to be offended by something if not everything.  For all the blame dumped on the American right most conservatives gripe a lot about cultural changes but beyond venting on radio talk shows don’t take matters into their own hands.  Come to think of it most liberals also keep it together.  Or they did.  Recent riots in the streets outside Trump rallies prove Democrats increasingly are looking to finish the job by whatever means necessary.  In a sense the left is becoming an American version of the Taliban.  How do they now square the carnage in Florida with their own evolution?  Islam is clearly a growing cancer and it doesn’t recognize liberals as friends but more as useful idiots.  One of the biggest of those idiots is living in the White House.  O.K., if he isn’t stupid then the only other conclusion I can reach is this is an outcome he desires.

This morning I heard voices on TV telling me if I see something, say something.  They mean we aren’t any longer to trust our neighbors and turn our troubles over to the government behemoth.  Others talked about more domestic surveillance (a prominent Republican and former Speaker-of-the-House among them and a man who could be our next Vice President).

What we’re missing here is the dance club had a prohibition against firearms.  Guns were checked at the door but not near closing time as people were readying to leave.  The bin Laden-in-training apparently researched these details.  He knew people inside would be defenseless and he knew when he could get inside without too many serious challenges.

While we wring our hands and our President talks down to us I offer a hypothetical.  What would’ve been the outcome 15 years ago after September had we gone full Curtis LeMay on the enemy?  Aside from the bitching from Europe and American liberal media?  This morning I saw a story at the Washington Post about Stone Age terrorists in Afghanistan who abducted a relative of a man they suspected of being a snitch.  The relative had his eyes gouged out and his skin stripped off (his beating heart was visible in a video the sick, twisted illiterate pukes made) before being tossed from the roof of a 10-story building.  If nothing but poppies grew among the empty valleys and mountain passes of Afghanistan wouldn’t this be a better world?

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