I’d like to see the Colorado Rockies play.  Not my team but the park looks great on television.  In a few days, you’ll be able to catch a flight from Twin Falls to Denver and then back.  The long awaited service was delayed for a time due to the pandemic.  Now the airlines are beginning to resume a much more normal flight schedule. 

Local governments are looking at adding some other direct flights from across the region.

On Wednesday, the first flight from Denver will arrive here at the airport (versus the neighboring race track where the oval isn’t quite as welcoming as a runway!)  The inaugural Sky West flight is expected shortly after one o’clock in the afternoon.  The Twin Falls Fire Department even has plans to spray an arc of water over the taxiing first flight.

By the way, if you were driving to a ballgame in Denver, I believe the round trip is close to 27 hours.

The daily flight is expected to boost business travel as well.  Which means it should become easier to attract new business to the Magic Valley.

I’ve taken the flight to and from Salt Lake City.  Which is like a short bus ride.  The Denver trip will obviously be a bit longer.

A few years ago, people told me the Magic Valley Regional Airport was on the wrong side of the city.  With growth now filling in space between the city’s main businesses and the airport site, the issue may be a moot point.

Local governments are looking at adding some other direct flights from across the region.  Logical connections could someday include Seattle and Portland.  Maybe someday a direct flight to Las Vegas will also be revived.


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