Are illegal immigrants being dumped in Boise?  Tough to tell, and I suppose the current government in Washington is more than happy to sow confusion.

There are several explanations.  These are farm workers, tourists, or guys visiting relatives.  Or there are border jumpers of military age and the Biden White House is trying to dilute the red color of conservative states.  Proving the latter is difficult.  Unlike some network TV reporters who’ve asked direct questions of men getting off buses in California (who admitted that they had easily and illegally crossed the border), local media doesn’t appear to have any interest in the story.  There are no reporters from the Fox News Channel in Boise.

Local law enforcement is perplexed, and a handful of state legislators are talking about some action.  None of this will happen anytime soon, however.  By 2025, a different legislative makeup could start taking a more serious tone.  Just remember, by the time that happens, and if it does, we could have thousands of “newcomers” in Idaho.  “Newcomers” is what the liberal Mayor of Denver, Colorado calls the teaming masses settling in Hooverville encampments in his city.  He hopes to get them naturalized and vote for his party.

You can share your concern with Governor Brad Little by calling 208-334-2100.

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