TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – If you plan to go hunting this fall, remember to stop by Idaho Department of Fish and Game check stations.

It’s not an option.

All hunters, regardless of whether they’ve harvested game, must stop at check stations, where staff retrieve data from hunters, answer questions, and watch for rule violations.

The department recommends that hunters have their harvest easily accessible when visiting stations, as well as their license and tag.

To make your visit at the check stations as efficient and pleasant as possible, the department says, Fish and Game reminds hunters about the following:

Failure to keep evidence of sex: Even in either-sex hunts, the head or other evidence of sex needs to be naturally attached to the carcass until you get it home. In hunts with point restrictions, the antlers must accompany the carcass.

Failure to properly validate your tag: Make sure the notches for the correct day and month are fully removed from your tag immediately after you harvest the animal. The tag must be attached to the largest part of the carcass.

Failure to have a proxy statement: If you’re transporting game for someone else, you must have a proxy statement."

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