I hear the dejection in their voices.  Janice McGeachin’s political base believes her opportunity to unseat Idaho Governor Brad Little is slipping away.  Legacy media chronicles weekly what it calls campaign missteps on her part.  I’ve cited a few myself.  Little is much more guarded and can maintain what is called a Rose Garden strategy in presidential politics.  In other words, cut ribbons, greet visiting students, and talk about the strength of the state’s economy.

The last poll someone shared with me suggests he could win a majority.  He won in 2018 with a plurality of just over one-third of GOP primary voters.  A three-way race at the time, however.  There may be reasons not to count McGeachin out.

She Beat the Odds Before

She was considered the fifth choice by party regulars when she ran in a five-way primary for Lt. Governor four years ago.  She had long before left the legislature and had been forgotten by many voters.  Her opponents included three sitting legislators and the state’s Republican Party chairman.  She was the upset winner in a big field.

In 2022, her party's primary for Governor is almost twice as big, with a poll showing Little with a lead and also displaying a lot of undecided voters.

Republicans Don't Like Media Treatment of Conservatives

While the news you hear about the Lt. Governor is often bad, it also drips with liberal and elitist condescension.  Conservatives don’t like liberal media.  They don’t trust what they see, hear and read.  Right-leaning voters view most news people as compared to worms, garden slugs, or a bad rash.  In the eyes of her base, she’s being abused by a cabal of morally bankrupt social degenerates.  I’m not making this up.  I get daily feedback from voters.

Some Events Trump Others

I don’t engage in wishful thinking.  Right now, it looks like the Governor is cruising to another term.  The primary is May 17th.  She still holds one card in reserve.  President Trump may still show up and campaign with her.  You don’t need to rent the Ford Center.  Make quick stops at rallies at airports.  Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Twin Falls, Boise and Coeur d’Alene.  The cameras come out and a cheering crowd and she’s back in the game.

Ed Humphreys is putting on a clinic with his campaign.  People see him taking votes from McGeachin, but what if it breaks he poaches some of Little’s support.  Oh, and don’t rule out Ed on Primary Day.

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