Joe Biden received a warm Idaho reception.  As he landed in Boise for an update on western wildfires, thousands gathered not far away and attempted to send the President a message.  Many carried signs echoing chants of college football fans.  As a matter of taste, I decided not to post any of those.  A friend was there and sent along some photographs and said I could post them with this update.  She’s a Twin Falls area conservative.

I suspected there would be some people near the airport to voice their displeasure with the Chief Executive and admit surprise at the size of the crowd.  This is truly an organic event.  We only learned of Biden’s visit Thursday.  Monday is a work day and the holiday was last week.  There must have been a great many calls to work for sick days!  Oh, right.  These people aren’t concerned about illness.  They support liberty, which is personal choice.

Biden likely never saw the crowd and if you know Idaho news media is an adjunct of national media, you won’t see these pictures many other places.  The Idaho Statesman and the like are auxiliaries for the Democrat Party.  News people generally want everyone in a face diaper and coerced into taking vaccines.

Woe to Idaho Governor Brad Little.  He can’t join the lawsuit against Biden being filed by other Republican Governors.  It’s because Good Old Brad already sided with vaccine mandates in the workplace.

Biden knew that as the two men did the grip and grin for the cameras.  The President may not know much else but his staff was aware our Governor made himself a hostage to the cause of federal tyranny.


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