I was doing some pre-game reading today and it strikes me all the ink spilled daily on Donald Trump could fill a library.

We’re at a point now where nothing any longer can be said that’s original to explain the rise of the real estate baron in American politics. His critics all look like small dogs nipping at an 8 foot marble statue. Lately some writers claim Ted Cruz is doing an end-around and will defeat Trump. Confirmation bias is rampant among the political class. If you don’t like Trump you see Cruz pulling away. It ignores all the poll numbers and for the umpteenth time don’t tell me the polls are garbage. Most are fairly accurate. Unless your candidate isn’t at the top.

Trump need not win Iowa. When he scorches the political earth in the following two primaries it may well be over for the rest of the field. Someone will hang around until June just to keep the eventual nominee on his toes.

This morning I wanted to offer a few more lines for the Trump daily library. He’s called the candidate-of-anger. I’ve now watched him deliver remarks at dozens of rallies and he doesn’t look angry. He cracks jokes, smiles, invites members of his audience on stage and indulges their requests for pictures. He’s having the time of his life and it’s infectious. The crowds, raised in an age-of-irony, are initiates. They get not only the jokes but also the threats he outlines. Conventional wisdom and beltway media be darned.

Donald Trump
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