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When it comes to closing businesses, some are more equal than others.  Over the weekend I went bird watching in Camas County.  It’s a solitary pursuit and out on Centennial Marsh social distancing is quite simple.  When I finished, I decided to help a local business by eating my lunch at the Wrangler.

She handed me a pen to sign the slip.  A communal pen.

Because of the drive-in nature of the restaurant, it appears to be doing well.  You can’t get a table inside right now but table service was never a major part of the Wrangler’s customer base.  The seating area is small.  Much of what the Wrangler does is already take-out.

I telephoned from the parking lot and ordered my lunch but the woman on the other end of the line could only take my debit card in-person.

I walked inside and paid.  She handed me a pen to sign the slip.  A communal pen.  Mind you, the place appeared as busy as any other Saturday but some of the patrons were wearing masks.

Same with her.  She delivered my lunch to my car.

I can tell you I savored every bite.  This experience has become so rare for those of us mostly house-bound.

While eating I was looking at another restaurant on another corner.  The parking lot across the street was empty and the building was dark.  People generally go inside the other place and eat at a table.  Or they did.

This is a problem.

Generally, a recession eliminates shops and businesses that are inefficient.  It’s not the case this time around.  The outcome of government decisions is as arbitrary as the disease government claims it’s fighting.  A claim government makes is for your benefit.

Unless you’re among those hardworking people left bankrupt and penniless.

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