TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – Federal workers impacted by the partial government shutdown will feel the crunch on Friday.

It’ll be the first day furloughed workers won’t get paid since the shutdown began on December 22. What’s tougher, they won’t see a paycheck again until the government reopens – and at this point, when that will be is anyone’s guess.

Some help is available to unpaid workers, thanks to some businesses and other groups trying to ease the burden. USA Today reports businesses across the country are offering free meals, discounts, and other zero-interest loans to the impacted workers.

Lynn Heider, vice president of communications for the Northwest Credit Union Association, said credit unions are one of the businesses that might be helping furloughed employees.

“It’s a challenge to manage expenses without pay,” Heider said in a statement Thursday. “Keep in mind that credit unions, as cooperatives, don’t pay Wall Street stockholders. Instead, they reinvest in their members by offering better interest rates and lower fees day in and day out.”

Bank of America said they may help those furloughed and offer a client assistance program.

Employees impacted might be eligible for help under Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees, which is administered through state unemployment insurance agencies.

The shutdown has affected more than 8,000 workers. The Washington Post said workers, contractors, and union representatives planned to march to the White House Thursday and demand an end to the shutdown.

It will be the longest government shutdown if it doesn't reopen by Saturday.

President Donald Trump called for the partial government shutdown after his demand for Congress to approve more than $5 billion for the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border was denied. Democrats have said they don't want the wall.

The Hill reports Trump said he would likely declare a national emergency to build the wall if Congress does not provide funding.

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