Global warming has turned Portland, Oregon, into an oven even hotter than Death Valley.  That’s according to a U.S. Representative.  Earl Blumenauer was at the United Nations climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland.  Click on this link and you can see what I’m referencing.  Blumenauer stated Portland had a day last summer when the thermometer reached 180 degrees.  Maybe he means inside one of the many buildings torched by Antifa! 

Blumenauer, who favors ties from 1958, showed up in Glasgow already looking like a Clown College graduate.

This was news to me.  The hottest temperature ever recorded in the United States was 134 degrees, according to government records.  1913 and at Death Valley.

How Did Everyone Miss the News?

How did government meteorologists miss the recent news from Oregon?  According to another link, the hottest day ever recorded there reached 119 degrees in Pendleton.  In 1898!  Long before worries over global warming became the earth’s leading fear factor.

Blumenauer, who favors ties from 1958, showed up in Glasgow already looking like a Clown College graduate.  I suspect he misspoke and meant 108 degrees but, remember, if a Republican had such a gaffe it would lead newscasts at CNN for a week.  I’m hearing only crickets when it comes to the Representatives blunder.

Rural Oregon is Suffering Idiots

Last week a poll was released that explained people in Idaho sympathize with rural Oregonians who would like to break away and move the state line.  It’s because the people in the small towns have had their fill when it comes to clowns serving in public office.  I’ve got friends in Idaho who tell me they want no part of a greater Oregon.  Come on now, show some compassion.  Those poor folks are living next to a blast furnace.  And a lot of hot air from Blumenauer.

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