We’ve mentioned in previous posts that Idaho is mineral rich.  It also includes some land we share with neighbors.  The newspaper out of Missoula, Montana, shared a story last week about the riches beneath the Bitterroot.  The ground beneath the surface could help meet the challenges when it comes to the conversion to a green economy (if you support that sort of plan).  Neighboring Lemhi Pass is also mineral rich.

I’m not convinced we can ever have a green environment.  On the other hand, if the policymakers are going to forge ahead with their plans, then we need to drop our reliance on the Chinese and Congolese for rare earth minerals.

Here’s the fly in the ointment.  As we’ve recently seen in Nevada, the environmentalists will be fighting every proposed mine tooth and nail.  How do they plan to reach their goals?  Do they believe in magic?  If you want cheap electric cars, you need minerals.  You also need to stop treating the rest of the planet as your colony, where you can despoil the land and enslave the children.

However, if you’re adamantly opposed to turning even one shovel in the United States, let’s drop the green revolution charade and admit you’re simpletons and anarchists.

You’re useful idiots aiding the rise of the Asian powers.  Especially China.  The Chinese are snickering behind your backs as they build an economy while using all and any means of energy available.

If we plan to compete and survive, we need to drill, we need to mine and we need to spread small-scale nuclear reactors to every community in America.

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