Idaho Democrats have been searching for the perfect candidate for Governor. 

The candidate is making his list and checking it twice.

Republicans have had 3 names in the race for next year for quite some time and briefly had four names in the mix.  The minority party left no stones unturned.  In fact, the pursuit took the party over some rocky terrain.  It required climbing some mountaintops and trudging through deep snow.  Finding votes shouldn’t be a problem.  The candidate is making his list and checking it twice.  He promises presents for all good voters, although.

Staunch conservatives aren’t even promised lumps of coal because the coal will be confiscated to pay for more toys.  The coal won’t be burned here but shipped to Asia where most of the elves are currently hammering away for just pennies per hour.

Santa Claus promises Christmas 2018 will be among the best ever depending on the outcome of an election the prior month.  Oh, and leave some cookies out, all recipes and tax receipts!

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