Idaho House lawmakers marked Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's third birthday in captivity of a Taliban-allied group in central Asia. Bergdahl is a U.S. soldier from Hailey, Idaho, taken prisoner in Afghanistan in June 2009 who is now being held by the Haqqani network. The now-26-year-old Bergdahl was born March 28, 1986.


Rep. Wendy Jaquet represents the central Idaho district where Bergdahl was born and where his parents live. As Wednesday morning's House session closed, Jaquet somberly asked lawmakers to keep him in their prayers and their hearts -- in the hopes that he will soon return home. As recently as this year, there have been discussions of a possible deal between the Taliban and the  United States that could clear the way for Bergdahl's release. So far, however, nothing has materialized.

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