I’ve got a libertarian view about marijuana.  If you want to smoke a bag it’s your own business but stay off my roads for a day afterward.  I’m not for legalization because it’s just one more hurdle we knock down in standards.

I know, I know, people will still smoke it but statistics in states where recreational use is legal shows more people are now smoking than before and it does make it more often into the hands of kids.  It’s tough enough keeping them away from nicotine and alcohol.

We know the hazards of tobacco and booze.  Had we known the risks 300 years ago they might not be legal today.  We’re just beginning to understand long term consequences of smoking pot.  Why add another social ill?  What else should government sanction, promote and tax?  Cutting?

I do support the use of hemp products.  Sturdy, long-lasting and it would be of great support in agriculture.  Especially as another income stream for struggling dairy farmers.

I don’t blame troopers for being cautious when seizing truckloads of hemp.  It’s their job to err on the side of caution.  We just need a better system for delineating between a good product and a bad product.  Last week’s case demands legislators quickly come up with a solution.

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