Abject Fools is a better fit.

I have a lot of friends who believe Idaho isn’t early as conservative as it’s portrayed by news media and people on the outside.  Yet, I’m convinced that if automobile companies continue building vehicles with internal combustion engines, Idaho won’t join the growing number of states banning traditional engines.  If the voters in those states don’t catch on and vote for new faces, you’ll see many places looking like Havana.  Why?  Because many people will refuse to buy an electric vehicle, and because we don’t have the materials needed for a transformation to an EV fleet.

CNET explains seven states are looking to emulate communist Cuba.  Three of them are on the left coast.  Others are scattered in the Northeast and an increasingly liberal coastal Mid-Atlantic.

I can only believe the goal is to stop most people from owning a car.  The people who jet to Davos and Sun Valley will still have the wealth to drive.

How does this mesh with their latest buzzword, equity?

Some readers have taken issue when I’ve explained only morons believe this will work out in favor of their interests.  Would it make them feel any better if instead I called them gold dang fools?  We’re talking about people who’ve had a complete break from reality.  Need evidence?  Look at how they vote.  Would any intelligent person vote for their enslavement?

The fools should know that when I’m discussing them in private conversations, my language is even more colorful.  You have the liberty to hurt yourselves but don’t tread on me.

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