Big money and attack ads didn’t appear to help.  Idaho’s Republican establishment mostly got its clock cleaned.  I guess that it’s a combination of arrogance, a sense of entitlement, and an inability to read the room.  Country clubs and service clubs aren’t a reflection of the overall electorate.

Glenneda Zuiderveld was told she had to work the service club circuit.  Instead, she focused on county fairs, gun shows, and pancake breakfasts.

None of this year’s challengers showed up with nose rings, or Mohawk haircuts and called for legalizing dope.  The change in approach from the insurgency was finally delivered.  In the past, some weak candidates still managed 35 to 40 percent of the Republican Primary vote.

The percentage was considered baked in, but what was missed was there would be a day when some more acceptable candidates would arise.

We’re going to see some immediate changes next legislative session.  The new composition will move to remove the grocery tax and enshrine school choice.  You’ll hear from a few more members of the Republican establishment who’ll join the effort for open and ranked choice primaries, however. I think a lot of people are going to follow the direction of the political wind.

Some will argue the turnout was low and isn’t indicative of what the people believe.  Funny, all primaries have low turnout.  This was never an issue when the establishment was piling up victories.

Maybe the new blood will also understand they aren’t agents of Governor Little.  They work for you!  As my old football coach would say, “Get with the program!”

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