Joan Hurlock is an American hero.  She worked for many years as a Capitol Police Officer in Washington, D.C., and is a member of a Gold Star family.  She’s also among the foremost researchers on the impact of wind farms in southern Idaho.

Two years ago, she pulled off an upset and won a seat on the Twin Falls County Republican Party Committee, defeating then County GOP Chairman Steve Millington in his precinct.

Precinct seats will be on May’s primary ballot but are generally overlooked by much of the voting public.  This year, things have changed.  The old guard establishment lost its scaly grip on the party when Dorothy Moon was elected state chair.  They want to get their talons back on the levers of power.  They need first to grasp county committees.  In some parts of the state, these very same people are running lobbyists as opponents.  The lobbyists are willing because they see their control slipping away.

Vandalizing or stealing signs is a serious breach of law.  Yet not uncommon.  It usually doesn't impact committee races.  Hurlock says signs for other candidates on the same road were left unmolested.  She did tell me the attack on her sign happened one mile from her opponent’s home.  I’m not blaming the competition, but if anyone benefits, it’s Joan Hurlock.  If you think you’re doing a buddy a favor by chopping up signs, I would say you’re mistaken, and in an age where everyone has a camera in a pocket, a really bad decision.

Used with permission of Joan Hurlock. The original look.
Used with permission of Joan Hurlock. The original look.
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